Thursday, 14 May 2015

Social Object: Berlin Things Con

This is like the most important time for the project, by exposing our idea and our work we get the feedbacks from the public opinion, and in this type of conference, mostly opinions from the experts, too. And this is why I worked so hard to have my things finished to a level that is presentable. 

The second model is a smaller design but with exactly the same function, I made it a week before the conference, was a rush so didn't record the making process, which is a shame.

The conference was very interesting, sadly I didn't make that many contacts. As I feel most of them were going for the talks and workshops, not so much for the show. But I still got some fairly interesting contact nonetheless.

I was invited to another conference in Berlin as well end of September this year, its all about wearable tech for that conference. The guy told me to contact him if I am interested in that conference, and I really am, is just the time is 23-26 September which is like the end of FMP probably cant attend that conference.

The conferences was kind of interesting for me as it was about technologies and lots. Sadly the workshops I attended was not that attractive to me for some reason. Talks were generally good to see some of the things happening in this world now, but at the same time it looked like there were some speakers were there to advertise their business, which I am not that convinced to see.

The overall experience with Things Con is quite new to me, I have attended several exhibitions as exhibitor to show cast my work, but mostly within the field of art and craft or product/furniture design. This was the first for a technology based conference. I have mixed feeling for the Things Con, I really like to see talks and workshops and networking with people through my work, but i don't feel comfortable with both happening in the same time, because you can't focus on one very well, and the public attention to your work falls dramatically, and this did happen. So I had mix feeling about it, still pretty beneficial and worth going nonetheless. 

                                            Time lapse for Berlin Things Con